Since 1976 we have been operating in the sector of international forwarding and is able to perform any shipment of goods to any destination also for special dimension packages.
M.E.A.T is in contact and works with the main shipping companies in the world; it operates from and to the most important Italian and European ports; it co-operates with the best ship’s agencies and can therefore take all responsibilities for the goods shipment on behalf of its customers.
M.E.A.T. can also solve all problems in the multimodal transport sector (the mixed transport system between sea/railways and road/air) with guaranteed delivery terms and the most advantageous solution. As a multimodal operator M.E.A.T. is able to perform some very specialised and technical activities such as: the organisation and check of loading / unloading operations, transhipment of goods by using special equipment, insurance policies, customs operations, etc.

Besides this, M.E.A.T. is competent to co-ordinate all actors (forwarding agents, ship’s agents, carriers and also banks, port authorities, warehouses etc.) that may contribute to a multimodal transport in order to meet any request such as “just in time”, “door to door”, etc.